CIA(Google) Working Hard Illegally Censoring Real People While Getting Shill Channels To Grow


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I’ve witnessed the calculated and targeted attacks by (Google) for over 3 years now, and now the illegal censorship of reality is out of control.


The New World Order Is Actually An Old Order, The Jesuits


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Here’s an important work that can help spark your interest, because the lies we are told about WWII are incredible. It was a different time however, and people didn’t know that they had to verify information for themselves before believing anything.

The Real Deal Ep 198 CURATED LIES The Auschwitz Museums Misrepresentations & Deceptions

Bishop Richard Williamson- “There Were No Gas Chambers In WWll”


Did Jews get systematically murdered in WWII? Please download this information of David Irving to research the horrific killings of Jews that did happen during the war

WWII was a great human tragedy, but it was run by powerful evil men who instigate behind the scenes, who are involved in only one war, which is the “war” against all of humanity. Our rights and our futures are being destroyed because of the criminal global control. The Jesuit Order was behind the gun powder plot long ago. The Catholic Church required a military Order to be created in response to the Protestant reformation. What we are talking about here is power. With the creation of the Order of the Jesuits, man finally became in a position to lust for power, to obtain it, and to hide behind religion as a get out of jail free card. In hiding behind the Catholic “faith”, they could do no evil, and become unchallenged.

The Jesuit Order sought to be the sovereign over all sovereigns, and wage their war against humanity through deceptive means. Today they hide behind front after front, and many people don’t even know who Jesuits are. This is not “anti-Catholic” in exposing the Order, since the Jesuits have even murdered Popes. Much of what has been exposed has come from within the Church its self, since many people believe in the Church, in God, and in good. The Jesuit Order are not Catholics, they pretend to be anything and everything needed in order to infiltrate, and compromise whatever is needed for their own gains. They do not believe in God, but take an oath, justifying their evil. They even hide behind “evil”, and can commit the most soul destroying atrocities, because in order to enslave and destroy humanity, one would also have to be destroyed. They give up their humanity for absolute power, and are the most wicked abominations to have ever been unleashed onto the world. The Jesuit Order is a plague and they are destroying what it means to be a human being in this world.

Some would think I am a “Christian” in my warnings. I am an atheist, and a researcher. An investigator of the crimes against humanity.

This man is a Christian, and has important information about Auschwitz:

The Holocaust Hoax Exposed – Steven Anderson

The lies of WWII are almost endless as the whole war was controlled behind the scenes. Even Hitler’s “suicide” needs to be investigated by concerned citizens

A Fourth Reich In The Sun? – Hitler’s Escape to Argentina

The firebombing of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Tokyo, is a crime that the criminals in power may forever get away with. You should download every nuclear detonation “test” video that you can find, and carefully examine all of them. You may find out that some of the videos are fakes. The criminal global control involves millions of people all over the world. All intelligence agencies work together behind everyone’s backs, they are controlled by a single power. There is no U.S. and Russia threat against each other, they secretly work together since they are run by the Jesuit Order, along with all other controlled nations of the world. The work that takes place today, is against the billions of people who are under intense mind control. Their news is scripted, they are shown staged events, fake shootings, and a war on terror that doesn’t exist. The media is owned and controlled by powerful people, and alternative media is controlled opposition. The future for humanity is absolute tyranny and global genocide. Investigate what you are told like how a detective would, and don’t believe anything unless you have proven it with your own research.

Our Rights And Our Futures Are Being Destroyed


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The U.S. Government is staging terror attacks, school shootings, and “massacres” like the recent Orlando Gay Nightclub shooting.  The reasons are simple.  The American people are going to be disarmed.  I don’t know what the timeline is for this, it can be the process of decades, but that is the agenda.  Why?  Humanity is becoming enslaved and faces global genocide by those in power.  The world governments are controlled and working together, run by the Jesuit Order.  You can’t have slaves that are armed, that can resist tyranny, and that is why the American people WILL be disarmed.  You are lied to every single day of your life.  If you do not become a concerned citizen, and start investigating matters for yourself, you will not find out basic facts about what is going on.  Truth is banned in this world, and there are plenty of shills waiting to rope you in if you start questioning what you are told.  Be like an investigator, examine evidence.  And as Bill Cooper once said, read about everything, listen to everyone, but don’t believe nothing unless you can prove it with your own research.

The criminal global control, is literally destroying what it means to be a human being in this world.  They seek a world of slavery.

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The Murder Of President Kennedy


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Investigate what you are told.  The only thing that matters in this world is actual evidence, not what is comfortable to believe.








Our “leaders” get installed. We have the illusion of choice. Learn about how Freemasons are used to lie to us, and learn the history of the Jesuit Order. We are lied to every single day of our lives, and our rights and futures are being destroyed by those in power.